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i-Learning platform


The GnosisLearning software. A tutor-based training program specially developed for educational purposes. Our Gnosis i-learning can now bring true solutions to the seemingly unsolvable problems of “traditional” training many of the Big Audit firms constantly face. Enabling flexible long distance learning for accountants and any business related professionals, participants can now be provided with the entire time needed to digest and apply the writing skills they had learnt to their everyday work. i-learning’s wealth of business writing resources, comprehensively accumulates in the participant’s computer and forms a knowledge bank which is accessible by them even after they have completed their course.
Through this self-administered online system, students can receive reading material and lecture notes, complete assignments and submit their work to be marked by native English-speaking professors. On the other hand, the tutors are able to centralize, monitor and control the whole training process i.e. the material the student receives and the assignments they need to complete.
GnosisLearning has been hugely successful in recruiting some of the best tutors in the field and making them more accessible than ever before to our clients by giving them personalized feedback, detailed evaluation and ensuring a top quality coursework at the most cost-effective way. And what’s more to that is the certificate each participant is validated with at the end of each module!
You have not seen anything like this before! Truly motivating training for demanding professionals in:
It’s like having a tutor in your laptop!
i-learning: the only intelligent learning system that can deliver tailored training smoothly aligned with the company’s HR process.

Product Information:

  • Students can see the structure of the Course they are registered to
  • Internal Messaging system to communicate with other Users
  • Dictionary included
  • Read and solve material that is sent to the students and submitted back for reviewing, feedback, evaluation and corrections by professors. Exercises can be saved and submitted at any time, when they’re ready.
  • Receiving of feedback on exercises at any time includes:
    • Comments within the exercises
    • Language style tips within the exercises
    • General comments for the exercises solved
    • Solution of each exercise
    • Follow up exercises can be sent if needed with the feedback for solving
    • Reviewing of all language style tips received
    • Reviewing of all follow up exercises received
  • Reviewing of student’s history where assignments and their status can be seen:
    • Marks received for completed assignments
    • Deadlines for sending active assignments
      View of pending assignments not received yet
    • View of assignments that are not enrolled yet
    • Possibility to work offline by downloading the material. Solved exercises can be reviewed and also any pending exercises can be solved while offline. Additionally, the user can send messages in offline mode. When the user is about to switch to online again, pending exercises and messages are synchronized online.
    • Professionals can review their student’s progress and print reports of their status.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Faster learning as there is no need to attending any classes
  • Easy communication with native English-speaking tutors through the software
  • System directly links to useful internet resources for participants, thus encouraging them to relate to the outside world when learning.
  • Cost Effective
  • World-class quality material