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Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Beauty salon is a software application specially designed for beauty professionals. It is best suitable for companies that are associated with beauty professions, primarily beauty salons, spa, nail salons, laser clinics and other related organizations.
To ensure a smoother operation of the application, a complete invoice system has been implemented and well as the ability to do the booking online. Both of the aforementioned features will tremendously help the business regarding their organization. Furthermore, the software grants full access to all significant elements of the users. This allows the user not only to view customers, appointments and items but to add new or edit existing ones as well.
The system is capable of generating a plethora of analytic reports like sales per month or stock availability, always depending on the user’s needs and preferences.
A key feature embedded in this module, is our CRM software. The one responsible for maintaining a good relationship with your clients. This fundamental software enables you to manage your customers in all the ways possible. The program allows you to store the history of every client, whether that has to do with purchases, rendezvous or background. It also allows the user to automatically send SMS/ email regarding birthday wishes/ nameday wishes/ special offers / offer packages thank you message right after a client’s visit/ reminder of appointments.

Key features of the application:

  • Includes Point of Sales functionality
  • Automated actions for a smooth manipulation of information
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Customer Management (History, Transactions, Information)
  • Communication (Birthdays, Reminders, Thank You Notes)
  • Complete Stock Control (Availability, Price, Stock Reminder, Sale rates, internal use)
  • Vast Selection of Reports to generate from (valuable data such as profit of individual products, value of stock, value of inventory, retail price, employee commission)
  • User management

You have the ability to select specific features of the program according to your company’s needs and budget