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Enterprise resource planning

Bank Matters

The Bank Matters module is directed towards organizations that want to manage all types of bank accounts. Administrators of the application have full control of the system’s parameters thus guaranteeing the automation of the system.
The user is prompt to create a new account and define what type of an account it is. Based on the account created, the user proceeds to create instalments. Once the instalments have been created, the user will start adding payments. In case the type of the selected account is set as “Loan” the user can add additional information. Additional information includes Account instalments, Account Margin, Account Base Rate and Account instalment frequency.
A unique feature consists that of issuing loan instalments. Through the loan instalments screen, the user can create various scenarios to their preference and view relative information based on their selection. Such information may include total number of instalments left to be paid, calculations made from the system on the gross interest and if any instalments are not fully paid.
The application also provides the user with the ability to check the closing balance and all the delayed instalments of any existing account.
The user can create a plethora of scenarios using the data recorded to the system and choose to generate reports through the rich bank of selections the system has to offer. Reports can be generated based on the company, the bank, or even an account selected, as well as a combination of the aforementioned elements.

Key features of the application:

  • Access to all accounts created in the system
  • Manipulation of mandatory parameters of the system
  • Automated actions to facilitate the use of the application
  • Preview of the instalments that have already been paid and general information about the upcoming instalments per account
  • Loan Instalments – Calculation of instalments and gross interest based on the users selection
  • Filtering & Grouping on Loan Projections and Reports
  • Various scenarios can be created to the users preference
  • Vast selection of reports generated from the system

Company Registrar

The Company Registrar module is developed for organizations aiming in managing their shareholders and the companies’ information. Using the CRM sub-module the user is granted with the privilege of adding to the system a new company, edit existing ones and add any new information.
Proceeding the addition of new companies, the administrator is then able to add shareholders together with the value of their individual shares. Right after that, the user the user can then assigns directors and secretaries for the selected company.
All the above people though have to be registered to the system using the CRM sub-module beforehand. This is mandatory in order for the functionality mentioned above to be fully operational. The system also offers a file manager that allows the user to create folders, upload and manage important files of the company. Such files may include various information regarding the company and its shareholders or directors.

Key features of the application:

  • Full control over the information added for each company
  • Automated actions for a smooth manipulation of information
  • Vast number of addition and selection of companies / persons using CRM
  • Adding / Editing Shareholders, Directors and SecretariesSet featured image
  • File manager – Uploading / Managing company’s files

Land Registry

Land Registry is a sub-module that is addressed towards organizations that manage lands and buildings individuals. Through this module the user has access to all mandatory details of the lands and buildings that belong to a specific person. Such information may include the owner’s details, land assessments and personal information of the insurance company.
The application allows the user to add new and edit existing lands or buildings to the system. Before adding a person in the land’s information, the person has to be first registered in to the system using the CRM sub-module.
The system offers a file manager which allows the user to create directories, upload and manage files regarding the land or the buildings of an individual.

Key features of the application:

  • Easy to add / edit information about the assets
  • Complete authorization on related information about the assets
  • File manager – Uploading / Managing company’s files
  • Relate people with assets using the CRM for convenience
  • File manager – Uploading / Managing the files of the lands and buildings


The Environmental module is directed towards organizations that care and handle their waste material and record information. The environmental module provides the administrator with full control of manipulating the parameters of the system to their preference. This includes inserting new and editing existing information about wastes.
Through this module the user can proceed to select a project and add waste material found for the selected project. After selecting a waste material, the rest of the information is inserted including the type and date. The user is offered with the opportunity of adding a file regarding the specific waste material in form of a PDF file should they desire to do so or if any available. At any point needed the user has the privilege to go and view the file uploaded if any for the selected waste material. Regarding the information recorded into the system, it is also possible to generate reports per month for all waste materials found on each project.

Key features of the application:

  • Manipulation of the parameters of the system
  • Automated actions to facilitate the use of the application
  • Ability to export PDF files based on the year selected
  • Complete analysis of the waste materials found by the generated report
  • Quick and convenient way to access and view the files uploaded