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Beach Reservation System

Beach Reservation System

The Beach Reservation System is an application that is directed towards Municipalities, Local Authorities and other organizations that would benefit from managing their beach mapping. The users of the application will be able to manage reservations and monitor the beach. It is an application that operates on Android tables and Windows. The operator can use the application in both an online and offline mode.
Through the application the user will be able to access the whole map of their beach section. This way, they will be able to view how many reservations have been made in that section as well as the type of reservation. The system offers multiple types of reservations according to the clients liking. Such types include renting an umbrella with or without beds, beds with the umbrella closed or just beds. The user has the ability to insert a new reservation into the system while at the same time they are provided with the ability to edit an existing one if necessary.
Through this operation, the users will be able to check the occupancy. The system holds data on how many reservations were per day, what type of reservations were made each time and the amount of the income. This way the users will be able to know the average amount of reservations made or earnings based on the desired time.
The cashier is a feature that is fully accessible to the user and allows them to manage the earnings of the cash register. This feature grants the users the ability to open a new or close an existing cashier.
The administrators of the application can monitor every section of the beach. They can view all the reservations that have been made, the types of the reservations and check the cashier’s status. This will allow them to know how many reservations were done per day and the amount of the daily income.
The application offers analytic reports based on the cashiers which are generated using the information that have been stored to the system. The system offers the opportunity to choose certain dates for the report that will be generated.

Key features of the application:

  • Beach map monitoring
  • Manage new or existing reservations (Add / Edit)
  • Multiple type of reservations to choose from
  • Provides full control over the cashier
  • Generation of analytic reports
  • Offers the ability to work both Online and Offline


Future Work:

  • Creation of a website where the public can view the beach map online
  • Allow the public to make their reservation beforehand through the aforementioned website