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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM software is the essence of all our creations. It is a fundamental part of all our work which is designed in such a way that enhances your relation with your customers. It explicitly offers you anything you need about your clients and the kind of automation you were so long foraging for.

Having your pool of customers with all their details stored in an organized, neat way is only the beginning. Yes, users of this program can register new companies including contact info for directors, CEO, secretaries etc. Yes, the user can add their address, scan and upload an image of their business card, note their birthday and name day. Everything mentioned above is also editable. And what’s more to that is the fact that the administrator can either filter or search in grouping specific contacts, thus driving automation to its ultimate peak. And most importantly rendering an ever fast way of working.
Moreover, with the mass announcement feature you can generate by email/text through the system relating either news or special offers, you can keep your customers informed about anything!

The system can also automatically filter and create reports based on birthdays and name days, which can then be delivered to the director of your company to decide and choose further actions e.g. call, text, email, send a present etc. On the other hand, birthday wishes can automatically be sent to the celebrating client.

And last but not least, contact info can also be forwarded through the software via email or SMS.
This is exactly what you need if you’re trying to maximise the wellbeing of your relation with your customers! And don’t forget that this program can be used both as in standard alone software and while offline.

*This software is usually embedded to most of our modules