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Task Manager

Task Manager Web Application

Task management is a web application designed for organizations and business that would like to monitor the tasks done per day and view analytic reports. The administrators of the application have full access to all the parameters of the system, capabilities such as adding and editing and thus resulting to the automation of the system. Such parameters include the type of work performed, the status of the work and the user’s information.
Tracking down the work done will benefit the organization owners in multiple ways. Through task management the employees and managers will record their daily tasks. This will tremendously help the business owners to calculate how much time the company invests on a project or a client or even a type of service. Through these results the administrators of the application can figure out if the business is investing more resources than expected or planned. Moreover, by taking records daily of the work performed they owners stay informed of how far the work has progressed and if any errors occurred during the day.
The system allows the administrators to filter the work done per employee individually, per date and per project or even a combination between the aforementioned choices. The system is capable of generating analytic reports that the user will choose based on the project selected, the type of work performed or the desired date.

Key features of the application:

  • Full access and manipulation of the parameters of the system
  • Automated actions to facilitate the use of the application
  • Daily Task Recording
  • Tracking the time needed per task and thus time invested in a project or client
  • Analytic Reports generated through the system
  • The owner can be informed at any time of what is happening in their business
  • Multiple combinations of grouping and filtering when monitoring tasks