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Medsoft Equipment Management

Medsoft Equipment Management

Medsoft is a web application, developed especially for medical equipment retailers. This software enables its users to supervise the services provided by their employees e.g. repair and maintenance. Administrators of the program can manipulate important parameters of the system, so that automation can be reached.
The system offers a plethora of important capabilities such as the creation of a new contract between the retailer and the client. Which essentially is proven to be a key aspect to the software itself, as it will allow the application to automatically schedule all the upcoming maintenances required to keep the machine up to date and fully functioning. Everything can be generated through the system, from services to payment dates to payment values. We’re talking about complete automation based on the individual contract that was created with the client. The system also automatically alerts the user for upcoming services and maintenances.
A unique feature provided to the administrator is the ability to assign a certain task to one or more employees. He is also able to make changes such as the date and time of the task or even split the task to two (2) separate ones. Once a new task is scheduled it will be available for view through the calendar of the system. Through the calendar, the administrator can again make any changes to scheduled tasks or create new ones.
The users are able to view their scheduled tasks as soon as they log in to the system. Once the task is successfully completed, the user will fill the “Repair” form. This is where the user records and saves into the system an analytical, specific description of the service they offered. Key information of the repairing form includes the type of service offered, repair parts used, date and the name of the client.
The application is capable of generating and filtering multiple reports based on what the user is aiming to find e.g. maintenances that were previously offered by the user, specific customers, selected machines or desired dates.

Key features of the application:

  • Complete control of the maintenance and repair services
  • Addition of mandatory elements, such as equipment
  • Creation of contract with the client
  • Automated actions such as scheduling tasks and payments
  • Multiple generated reports
  • Alert for upcoming tasks, services and maintenances
  • Flexibility on adding / editing tasks
  • Build to view the user’s appointments with ease