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Why does your business need social media?

Why does your business need social media?

Social media interaction nowadays is inevitable, unless you are living under a rock!

Builds new relationships and maintains existing ones

It is of significant importance, especially for a business who is looking to grow and sustain their competitive advantage in the market. It is a free of charge, useful tool, that helps businesses build and maintain customers and clients’ relationships on a personal level. It also helps you build trust with your audience and be exposed to new potential clients. Social media has been identified by international companies as a potential promotion system that enhances their marketing strategy.


Cost and Time Efficient

In order to have an increased engagement on social media, consistency is required which can be challenging for businesses, as it requires constant monitoring and content creation, which is not very efficient. On top of that, businesses need to hire employees to handle and maintain their social media internally, which becomes pricey.

However, when you pay a third-party social media company, you save money as they focus solely on social media management of businesses, therefore it is much cheaper than hiring someone internally


It helps you detect new competitors

Like you, your competitors are likely to have social media accounts. Having a good social media manager will make you stand out from the rest and they will secure you a competitive advantage. They will help your organization take advantage of the growing popularity of social media platforms by creating engaging content that will enhance your branding and marketing campaigns.

Social media is an ever-developing social platform that has its ups and downs. The social media managers at GnosisNet who have a deep knowledge of the history of social media, can predict the upcoming trends to keep you ahead of your competitors.  If you have no social media presence, or you are looking to enhance it, you are looking at the right place. Contact us now to build your social media marketing strategy with our experienced team!