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About Us

Our History & Activity scope


Welcome to GnosisNet! Our operations commenced in early 2008 when we established our head offices in Nicosia and we have ever since then effectively delivered a medley of IT solutions and services to our clients.

The company has successfully penetrated the market and now GnosisNet’s customer pool not only includes various business and organizations within Cyprus, but businesses around the globe as well, including the United Kingdom, Poland and Greece.

We specialize in delivering custom-developed software based on our customer’s specific needs, delivering web design, providing information services and superior consultancy as well as selling top-tier computer equipment. All in cost-efficient prices. We compete on the market with high quality services.

Our spontaneous creativity, innovation, and utmost commitment has as an outcome our success. Here at GnosisNet, we manufacture sophisticated technologies that are user-friendly and valuable solutions to our customers.

We aspire to attain an advantage over our competitors. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll do our best to not only meet your requirements, but exceed your expectations.

We’re honest in our approach and treat our clients like partners. We collaborate closely together throughout each step of the journey. We consult, we listen to their feedback and create the best result for them and for us. We continuously improve and adjust to the new technological trends in order to always be up to date with the new evolution. We study our client and foresee their needs and how we can give them solutions, we do not expect from our client to give us the solution but their feedback.


Our services are based on our customers needs. We start from the software that is needed for an organisation to start its operations running smoothly. We design and build the website according to the business services and needs. Our websites are based on WordPress and DNN platforms, that can adapt and operate on smartphones and tablets while offering powerful hosting.

Finally, we promote the website, services, products and the whole company through its social media accounts. Our services do not stop since we provide technical support to our customers and work with passion to have the best solutions and results. From 2008 when we started until today 2020, we have become a one stop shop where any organisation can find all the services it needs to operate.

We can design and build your website to fulfil your business needs as well as offer the option of creating custom websites.

Our Vision

We focus on propelling the growth of our partners. We push hard to give our best expertise and gnosis in order to foresee how our insight will give you the greatest return. As we collaborate, we join forces, our many lenses unite, we give extensive feedback and focus in on the thing that matters most: positive impact.

Our Mission