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Beauty Salon Software

GnosisNet BeautySalon Software

GnosisNet Beauty Salon is a software especially designed for professionals working in the beauty area. It is suitable for beauty salons, spa, nail salons, hair salons, laser clinics and any other company that is related with beauty professions. The Beauty Salon system contains a complete invoicing system and a booking system to enable better organization of the business. Furthermore, our software includes messaging servicecustomer history management, inventory control and reporting service to give its users all the necessary functionality they need and more.


Patisserie Software

GnosisNet Patisserie Software

We have created the GnosisNet Patisserie to address the needs of patisseries and confectioners. Carefully designed and developed the Patisserie software automates the ordering procedure of the patisserie as the clients can browse through all the listed cakes and treats and select the products they want and easily place their order electronically, without needing any assistance from the bakery’s staff. Moreover the clients have the ability to create their ideal cake as they can choose details such as the theme of the cake and details like the flavor the cake will have.

Invoicing System Software

GnosisNet IS Software 

GnosisNet has developed GnosisNet IS software which is a full invoicing system suited for companies of any size. The system provides the ability to issue invoices and credit notes for both the customers and the suppliers of a company. Furthermore GnosisNet IS can keep track of the inventory and the balances of the customers and the suppliers and finally it provides all the necessary reports a company may need.

Cafe & Bar Software

GnosisNet Seaview Software

We created the GnosisNet SeaView to specially meet the needs of those working at seaside cafes. The Sea View is specially designed to be user friendly and as it is used with a touch screen no special computer skills are required. The SeaView system contains a complete invoicing system and a booking system to enable better organization of the business. Furthermore, our system includes inventory control and reporting service. The system consists of two parts, the administration application which is used by the company managers and the user application to be used by the employees of the company.

CarWash Software

GnosisNet CarWash Software

GnosisNet CarWash is a powerful Point of Sale system that was specially designed for the car wash industry. Common purpose Point of Sale systems do not incorporate specific elements designed for your needs as a car wash operator. The CarWash’s system was built with an industry-specific functionality which meets the requirements of a car wash business. GnosisNet CarWash’s screen functionality along with Touch Screen Support combines a fast and ease-of-use system that will bring an advanced level of control to your business, reduce time and errors, and advance effectiveness.

i-Learning platform

Gnosis -Gnosis Learning

Gnosis (GnosisLearning) software is a program developed for educational purposes. With the use of the internet GnosisLearning enables long distance education for accountants and any business related professionals. Through the program the students can receive reading material and lecture notes. Also, they can complete assignments and submit them to be marked from professors. The professors have the ability to control both the material the student receives and the assignments they need to complete.


Software for general use

Ethniki Insurances Software

GnosisNet has developed a custom made software that calculates indicative prices for all available insurance plans of the Ethniki Insurances, to replace all the calculations that used to be performed by hand with a more computerized and simple way.

GnosisNet File Backup Express

GnosisNet File Backup Express enables the clients to create back ups of their files quickly and effortlessly. The clients may choose  on which memory device the back ups will be stored in order to safeguard their work.

GnosisNet DB Backup Express

Our team has created this tool to make backing up databases painless and fast. GnosisNet DB Backup Express enables the users to create back ups of their databases which can be restored when needed.

GnosisNet ProSys

The GnosisNet ProSys software automates the generation of new offers and enhances the intergroup communication between colleagues.

Dalto Trade Balancing System

GnosisNet has created a custom software for Dalto Trade to cover the needs for computerization of their procedures.

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Gnosis Learning i-learning Web Platform

Gnosis i-learning is a unique and innovative training tool that provides Internet-based training with individualised support from professionally experienced tutors in various subjects including IFRS, Anti-Money laundering and Business English writing skills.

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