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Gnosis Learning i-Learning Web Platform

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Gnosis Learning i-Learning Web Platform

Gnosis i-learning is a unique and innovative training tool that provides Internet-based training with individualised support from professionally experienced tutors in various subjects including IFRS, Anti-Money laundering and Business English writing skills.This newly developed web platform serves as an extension to our previously developed Gnosis Learning software.

Participants can access the i-learning platform using any web browser on any computer.

The online platform offers numerous advantages over its software counterpart including ease of access, improved user interface and reduced loading times.

Through the web platform participants receive reading material and exercises for their desired subject. The completed exercises are marked by professional tutors and feedback is sent back to the participants for review. In addition to that tutors can choose to include additional exercises.Participants can always review various information including their course programme, their progress, their feedback, the follow up exercises and many more essential information.At the completion of each module participants receive a Module Certificate stating their overall performance.

The system includes internal messaging which ensures constant and reliable communication between participants and their tutors.In conclusion the i-learning web platform is a fast, reliable and user friendly web application designed to make internet based training affordable, accessible and enjoyable wherever you are!